There’s a few tricks to getting the perfect photo of your dog, so here’s a few tips to help you get Instagram perfect snaps of your pooch.

  1. Get down to their level – When your dog starts doing something cute or funny it’s tempting to pull your phone out and just take the photo as you’re stood there. If you want to get the best photo of your dog then you need to get down to their level so that you can take a good dog photo from their height. This way you won’t just get their back, ears and the top of their head, you’ll see their full expression with eyes wide, ears perked up and tongue hanging out.
  2. Use props – Depending on whether your dog is motivated by toys or food you’ll need those as props to get your dogs attention to get the best photo of your dog. Hold your prop in the place you want your dog to look. You’ll also capture the wide eyed look on their face as they greedily eye the treats you’re holding or they get excited ready to fetch their ball.
  3. Let your dog get used to the camera – They might think it’s a toy for them at first, so let them get used to it whilst using your props as a distraction tool. Eventually they will just ignore the camera so then you’re free to take photos of your dog doing his/her thing.
  4. Simple backgrounds – Plain backgrounds will make your dog stand out whereas they will get lost in busy ones. A big open space like a field or a beach are great backdrops for the perfect photo of your dog and will have lots of vibrant colours too. They’ll look great printed and mounted on the wall too.
  5. Get close – Don’t always try to get every bit of your dog in the photo but instead get super close to their faces to catch every detail of their expression, every bit of slobber, every out of place whisker and ruffled fur. That’s the bits that make your dog special so capture them all.

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